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  • Aasa boobies
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  • Klodrick oh that explains the strange edges i have :P
    01/03/2015 01:41
  • Apple you might see adds now, or blank space if you have add-blocker. unless someone wanys to pay for the website you have to deal with it ;)
    28/02/2015 15:45
  • Apple restored forum permissions for xmaj, catherine, xdewey, icekizz and kopii if any others who left have difficulties note it here and ill fix it.
    26/02/2015 17:09
  • Apple Our mumble server is discontinued as we canceled our payment.
    26/02/2015 10:41
  • Aasa I am catbug!
    24/02/2015 23:29
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    16/02/2015 15:09
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  • Apple ill do a quick fix for you two now, lemme know if it worked
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  • Apple ah right, that's because it used to read your status as 'raider' from battle.net and corrospond to that. I'm sure stevie can fix it tonight, I only know how to do everyone manually and that's quite some work.
    16/02/2015 13:25
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24/06/2018 21:35

Vice Versa

Welcome to Vice Versa.
If you would like to apply to the guild, there is a button for it on the left hand side of this screen.
Our recruitment post on the Battle.net forum can be found Here.

Short History:
Vice Versa has been set up in 2010. Long before that we were in other guilds playing together as well. Due to power in the wrong hands and rabblerabblerabble-players we guildhopped twice, but mostly all stuck together. Quite a few of us have known each other since 2008. Then when we built Vice-Versa up from scratch we managed to cut of all the rabble and devided power so we would never have to go through a decline like that again. We picked up raiding again and managed to keep at it ever since.

Several years ago we have become much more serious when it comes to character builds for raiding. No pressure to always be on top of the Dps list. However, we do ask our raiders to perform to the best of their abilities. So read guides, know your caps and your rotation and all the other ins and outs that your class can provide to help the raid. At the end of the line the group will not be able to carry weaker players around. So even though there's no pressure, don't expect to be carried through either. Our motto in raiding would be 'never make it harder than it has to be', and you are always partially responsible for that when raiding.

The guild:
Having said that, let's paint a picture. With my brush I paint three officers. Behind those characters we have a mix of a real man and two half men. Together they have an ideal of what the guild should be like and try to adapt to the wishes of their guild members, combine the two and see to it it stays that way. There is no guildmaster. This makes our guild unique, here we always have each other to fall back on and every officer is equal in value.

We have chosen to focus on 10-man raiding in the past, and will continue to make raids around the 10/15-man marker as official guild events. In the past we have been appointed as the 'Blizzard Mentor Alliance' on our server for having an outstanding social environment and helpful guildmembers in a mature society. We have a healthy PvP section in our guild as well. If you are looking for a guild, and we have the room, your personality matches ours and you like raiding with steady progression, then apply! If you would like to have a home, no raiding but just a warm family, apply! Would you like regular PvP with dedicated people? Apply! We will look at your application and either accept or decline it based on what role you apply for, how it is written, if you fit in with our guild and a little bit on intuition as well.

With love: Apple, StevieTV and Littlepony.

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